Can love happen just over WhatsApp talk

all over the world know WhatsApp play a very very important role in our life? New generation people love to use WhatsApp for a basic messaging application. Boy or girl also have use love WhatsApp status to impress their special one, But can it really possible to love or impress someone just over WhatsApp talk or love WhatsApp status. Here we discuss some matter that it can be really possible or not? 

1. If you have crush or love towards someone, then WhatsApp talk is very important because nowadays youth can prefer to talk via WhatsApp, they express their feelings through love status for WhatsApp in Hindi because many youths did not have the courage to tell their feeling directly, that's why they prefer to WhatsApp talk. 

2. One more way to share your feelings, its called WhatsApp status, Because in this new gen people share various love WhatsApp status to their loved one to know how much carry the feeling towards someone. 

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